Three Brothers Arrested in West Los Angeles

April 13, 2007

Los Angeles: Three brothers in the their twenties were arrested yesterday afternoon, April 12, 2007, after police and probation officers conducted a probation search at their mother’s home on Rountree Road.

Officers assigned to the West Los Angeles police station and Los Angeles County probation officers conducted a probation search at 10645 Rountree Road. They detained twin brothers, Christopher and Nicholas Macris, 22, and their older brother Alexander 25.

Two of the brothers were armed at the time they were detained. Officers found three rifles, including an assault rifle, six handguns, five silencers, as well as quantities of methamphetamine, ecstasy tablets, and five pounds of marijuana.

All three brothers were on probation from a November 2005 arrest for marijuana possession. The weapons, silencers and drugs constituted violations of the brothers’probation conditions.

Probation officers violated the brothers’probation. The three will also face new charges for the weapons and narcotics possession.

Detectives also found material related to fireworks, which caused initial concern for possible explosives. A nearby elementary school on Overland Drive was alerted, but the school was not evacuated. After about two hours, bomb technicians verified the materials were not high explosives.