Top 10 Most Wanted Suspect Captured after 12 years

February 20, 2001

"Top 10 Most Wanted Suspect Captured after 12 years"

Los Angeles – On May 15, 1988, 66 year old Hiroko N. Wamack was walking eastbound Matthews Street in an unmarked crosswalk when she was struck by a 1972 Ford sedan driven by Guadelupe Delgadillo Ramos of Los Angeles. A witness at the scene observed the collision, observed Ramos get out of his vehicle and look at the victim after which time he left the scene almost colliding with the witness. The witness copied the license plate number down, provided that information to the police and positively identified Ramos as the driver of the vehicle that hit Ms. Wamack. A warrant was issued for Ramos’ arrest in 1988 prompting annual due diligence efforts by Central Traffic Division detectives in an effort to locate Mr. Ramos. It was believed at that time that he fled to Mexico. In early February 2001, Detective II Josephine Mapson was assigned to conduct the annual due diligence on Ramos at which time they located a recently renewed driver’s license for Ramos. On Friday, February 16, 2001, at approximately 6:55 a.m., Mapson went to Ramos’ address and took him into custody for the 1988 Manslaughter/Hit and Run.
According to family members, Ramos had fled to Mexico immediately following the collision and returned to the United States off and on during the first 10 years following the collision. In the last two years Ramos moved back to California on a permanent basis. Ramos’ picture has been posted on the Internet as one of Central Traffic Division’s "Ten Most Wanted" for the past two years. It was perseverance by LAPD detectives that resulted in this arrest.
If you have any questions about this case, please contact Detective III Tia Morris or Detective II Josephine Mapson at 213-485-3111.
This Press Release was prepared by Officer La Donna Cissell, Media Relations Section, 213-485-3586.