Top Cops Wager on Championship NR10294ah

June 3, 2010

Los Angeles: Boston:  LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and Boston Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis made a friendly wager on the outcome of the NBA championship series.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck contacted Commissioner Davis and proposed a gentleman’s bet.  They agreed that the top cop from the first place city would host the top cop from the second place city.  While in the host city, the top cop from the second place city will work a shift on patrol. 

Chief Beck and Commissioner Davis set some basic rules.  Both have agreed to use their own vacation time for the trip.  The top cop who has to travel will work in their own uniform, but alongside local officers, since the visiting executive will not really have jurisdiction in the other state.  Finally, both top cops have agreed that no matter the outcome, the traveling chief or commissioner will eat well.

Chief Beck said, “I’m not sure where I would have Commissioner Davis work, maybe Hollywood.”