Tourist Crime Prevention

June 6, 2002


Los Angeles: The City of Los Angeles is considered to be among the safest "major" cities in the United States. The Los Angeles Police Department wants each tourist frequenting the City to have a safe, crime free visit. There are a few crime prevention tips of which tourists should be aware. Adhering to the following tips can help allow tourists to have a more enjoyable visit to Los Angeles.

Cash: Do not carry large amounts of cash. If you must carry cash, never display large amounts. Whenever possible, you should carry cash substitutes such as traveler’s checks or credit cards.
Luggage: Never leave your luggage unattended and be sure to have adequate identification on the outside of your luggage. Allow hotel personnel to assist you with your luggage if you are not able to keep it with you at all times. Never store cash or jewelry in your luggage. Also, remove old flight tags from your luggage. They may cause confusion and misdirect your luggage, causing it to become lost.
Sightseeing: Obtain directions to the sites you want to visit ahead of time to avoid becoming lost and, when at all possible, travel with a group. Never discuss your sightseeing plans in the presence of strangers. This allows individuals, who may be planning to target you as a victim, to better prepare and carry out their intentions.
Hotels: Use safe-deposit boxes to secure your valuables. Use interior locking devices on your room door and always lock your room door, even if only leaving to get ice.
Pickpockets: Pickpockets usually work in teams. While one person causes a distraction, the other takes your belongings. To better avoid pickpockets, carry your wallet in your front pocket and women should carry their billfolds or coin purses in coat pockets. If your pocket is picked, call out immediately for assistance and warn others.
Vehicle Tips: Always lock your vehicle and take the keys with you. Never leave your wallet or other valuables in your vehicle. If you must store items in your vehicle, the trunk is the most secure location to place them.

Commander Gary Brennan, Department Spokesperson, states, "This information is meant to contribute to the personal security of tourists while traveling in the City of Los Angeles. Tourists can never be too careful, prepared, or aware."
For additional information or to obtain copies of crime prevention circulars, contact the Community Liaison/Crime Prevention Unit, at 213-485-3143, or visit "Crime Prevention Tips" or "Building Safer Communities".
Sergeant John Amendola, Crime Prevention Unit, prepared this press release.