Traffic Accident Leaves Husband and Wife Dead

May 7, 2006

Los Angeles: A vehicle fleeing from a gang shooting crashed into a car, killing a husband and wife in the East Los Angeles area.

According to police, the accident occurred early Sunday morning about 12:45 AM. A group of men, driving in a yellow Chevrolet Caprice, near the 3400 block of Atlantic Street, were being fired upon by gang members near Garcia Park.

The driver of the Caprice sped away from the shots, toward Lorena Avenue. As the Caprice crossed Lorena Avenue, it hit a silver Toyota van, pushing it into the yard of a nearby residence.

The Toyota contained the Posado family of West Covina. Alejandro Alberto Posado, 41, and his wife, Ester Elizabeth Posado, 43, were killed. Their two sons, 9 and 18, survived but with serious injuries. A 16-year-old family friend was also injured. All three were taken to local hospitals.

The men in the Caprice were also treated at local hospitals. Detectives were able to verify that shots had been fired at the Caprice.

The husband and wife’s deaths are being investigated as homicides, and detectives are asking for the public’s help in identifying any of the persons involved in the initial shooting from Garcia Park.

Anyone with information is asked to call Hollenbeck Homicide Detectives at 323-526-3679. On weekends and during off-hours, call the 24-our toll free number at 1-877-LAWFULL (529-3855).