Traffic Collision Investigation NR22245km

August 26, 2022


August 31, 2022

The Los Angeles Police Department has released video evidence from this incident.

Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Police Department extends our deepest condolences to the families of Jamarae Keyes and Janisha Harris whose lives were senselessly taken in a  traffic collision at the intersection of Manchester Avenue and South Broadway by the reckless actions of a fleeing motorist. The LAPD’s Family Liaison unit is working with the Victim’s families to assist them during this terrible loss.

On August 19, 2022, at around 5:30 a.m., LAPD Traffic Group, Multi-Disciplinary Collision Investigation Team (MCIT) was notified of a four-vehicle collision resulting in the death of these two innocent persons in the 77th Street Area. The MCIT responded to the intersection of Manchester Avenue and South Broadway to conduct the Traffic Collision investigation.  The MCIT responds to traffic collisions that involve or may involve a City vehicle, to include collisions that occur during the course of a police investigation or enforcement.

During the course of the collision investigation, Digital In Car Video System (DICVS) evidence was reviewed from a 77th Street Patrol Black and White Police vehicle. The DICVS depicts the officers following a 2006 Cadillac, STS, for approximately one minute and six seconds, who is speeding and committing additional traffic violations. Officers made attempts to stop the Cadillac during this time by intermittently activating their police vehicle’s emergency lights and siren independently.

Shortly after the Cadillac turned westbound onto Manchester Avenue from Main Street, the officers activated their police vehicle’s emergency lights and siren for approximately 15 seconds. The DICVS depicts the Cadillac accelerating away from the officers and the officers turning off the lights and siren, indicating they would no longer be attempting to stop the vehicle. Moments later the Cadillac collided with a 2014 BMW 535i resulting in the deaths of Jamarae Keyes and Janisha Harris. After the collision the driver of the Cadillac is observed getting out of the driver’s side door and fleeing westbound Manchester Avenue.

Based upon the review of the officers DICVS the MCIT initiated a pursuit investigation. This pursuit investigation will be reviewed by the Department upon completion for adherence to the law and Department policy.

The investigation also revealed that four persons were seated in the Cadillac at the time of the collision. Three of the four persons were taken into custody. It was later determined that the four occupants in the Cadillac were implicated in a string of burglaries in the Camarillo and Moor-Park cities. The Los Angeles Police Department is working with the Ventura County Sherriff’s office in pursuing these burglary charges against all persons in the Cadillac at the time of the collision.

20-year-old Matthew Sutton, a resident of Los Angeles, was arrested for Felony Vehicular Manslaughter. He has an active Burglary Warrant for $200,000.00.

There were seven felony counts filed with the Los Angeles County District Attorney:

Two counts of PC 191.5 (a) Gross Vehicular Manslaughter while Intoxicated.

Two counts of PC 192 (c) (1) Vehicular Manslaughter with Gross Negligence.

Two counts of VC Section 2800.3 (b) Fleeing a Pursuing Peace Officers Motor Vehicle Causing Death.

1 count of VC Section 20001 (b) Hit and Run Driving Resulting in Injury to Another Person.

Given the gravity of this terrible incident as well as the family’s desire, the Department is preparing a critical incident video.  This video will contain available body worn video and digital in car video as well as other evidence gathered to this point of this ongoing investigation.