Traffic Plan 2009 Children’s Day Festival NA09318ah

November 20, 2009

Victory Boulevard:
Victory Boulevard will be the main access point for the event.  A traffic checkpoint will be established at the intersection of Victory Boulevard and Woodley Avenue and staffed with VTD motor officers and OVB reserve officers.  These officers will be tasked with traffic control at the intersection and traffic into the event.  The officers will direct event traffic southbound, via the NORTHBOUND LANES of Woodley Avenue to N. Balboa Boulevard. 

Woodley Avenue:
The event is being held again this year in Woodley Park. This park is located on Woodley Avenue, between Victory Boulevard and Burbank Boulevard, on the east side of Woodley Avenue.  Woodley Avenue will have restricted access, with no through traffic for the public at large. 
–  There will be a hard closure of all northbound lanes to Woodley Avenue, between N. Balboa Blvd and Burbank Boulevard.  This will act as an "Emergency Lane" for the event.   The only public access northbound on Woodley Avenue will be for people who have been issued a "VIP" pass, which allows them to park in the VIP parking area of the event.  An exemplar of the pass is attached.

–  Southbound lanes of Woodley Avenue, between Victory Boulevard and N. Balboa Blvd will be closed to all public traffic.  This area is reserved for LAPD vehicle traffic only.  All southbound lanes, south of N. Balboa Boulevard will used for event traffic egress from the designated parking areas.  Traffic destined  for  the Woodley Park Remote Control Airfield, the Japanese Gardens, as well as the Archery Ranges will be allowed southbound on Woodley Avenue.  Golfers destined for the Woodley Lakes Golf Course, on N. Balboa Boulevard will be allowed to continue towards the golf course.  All other southbound traffic will be restricted.

–  Traffic directed southbound, from Victory Boulevard, will be directed westbound onto BOTH lanes of N. Balboa Boulevard by VTD and reserve officers stationed at the intersection of N. Balboa Boulevard and Woodley Avenue.  In the event that patrons of the R/C airfield, Japanese Gardens, or Archery range arrive at this checkpoint, they will be directed southbound on Woodley Avenue, via SOUTHBOUND lanes (egress lanes for the event).