Traffic Planning for Presidential visit to Los Angeles NR11175AN

April 21, 2011

Los Angeles:  Los Angeles Police Department is making every effort to minimize the impact to our City during the Presidential visit.

The Los Angeles Public Safety Agencies are making every effort to minimize the impact to the Los Angeles region during the upcoming Presidential visit.

The Los Angeles Police, Fire, Airport Police, and Department of Transportation are working in partnership with their counter parts from Culver City and Beverly Hills as well as the United States Secret Service, California Highway Patrol, and the Los Angeles Sheriff Department, to plan and prepare for the safe and secure visit of President Barack Obama.  The planning for this event has been extensive, constant and focused on both the President’s and the public’s safety and security during the visit.  The unified agencies involved in the planning are keenly aware of the public’s concern over traffic congestion during previous visits by the President.  Every effort is being made to minimize the impact to the residential communities and businesses affected by the President’s visit.

Although it is not always possible to provide advanced information regarding the specific routes of travel involving the President, we are committed to utilizing traffic control measures that minimize the impact upon commuters while still maintaining the safety of the President as well as the communities involved.

If you have any further questions please contact LAPD Media Relations at 213-486-5910.