Two New Assistant Chiefs to be Sworn In at Police Commission Meeting

February 24, 2003

WHO: Sharon Papa and George Gascón will be sworn in as the Los Angeles Police Department’s newest Assistant Chiefs.
Papa’s appointment represents the first time in the Department’s 127-year history that a female has achieved the rank of Assistant Chief.


WHEN: Tuesday, February 25, 2003 at 10:30 am
WHERE: Los Angeles Police Commission Meeting,
Public Works Boardroom
200 North Spring Street, Room 300
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Police Commission President Rick Caruso stated, "The Commission wholeheartedly concurs with Chief Bratton’s promotional choices. Soon-to-be Assistant Chiefs Gascón and Papa have displayed a great deal of innovation in their approach to leadership and they will definitely compliment Chief Bratton’s dynamic management team. My fellow Commissioners and I are honored that they will be sworn in during one of our meetings."
George Gascón was appointed to the Department in 1978. He had a break in service from 1981 to 1987 while he pursued a successful business management career, however, he remained an active Reserve Officer. His love for law enforcement brought him back to LAPD in 1987 and he quickly started to promote through the ranks of Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Commander, and most recently, to Deputy Chief in 2002. As an Assistant Chief, Gascón will be the Chief of Support Services overseeing all Personnel, Training, Information and Communications functions.
Sharon Papa joined the Los Angeles Police Department in 1997 when the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) Police Department and the Los Angeles Police Department merged. She was with the MTA Police Department for almost 17 years and was the Chief of Police at the time of the merger. Her leadership and direction significantly contributed to the successful merger of the two entities. Papa entered the LAPD at the rank of Commander and promoted to Deputy Chief in 2002. As an Assistant Chief, she will be the Chief of Administrative Services overseeing Risk Management, the Ombudsoffice, Advanced Planning Group and Fiscal and Technical Services Bureau.