Undercover Officers Nab Lock Pick Burglar

November 30, 2005

Los Angeles:  Los Angeles Police Department undercover detectives arrested the Lock Pick Burglar yesterday, November 28, 2005, following a one-month undercover operation.
Until his arrest, Fred Pakin, 36, was known to detectives of the Commercial Crimes Division only as the Lock Pick Burglar, who used a lock pick to gain entry to apartments and condominiums in West Los Angeles and the Wilshire area. 
The investigation focused on this rare modus operandi about one month ago when jewelry, watches, and electronic equipment were reported taken from a number of apartment complexes on the west side. 
Undercover detectives followed Pakin several days.  On one occasion, he was unable to get into an apartment in West Los Angeles, then on November 28th, Pakin was observed casing several apartment complexes.  He picked his way into one and stole $1000 worth of jewelry and electronics.  The detectives moved in and arrested Pakin.
Detectives later served a search warrant on Pakin’s home where they found a video tape and handbook on how to pick locks.
“Pakin may have been active in the area for as long as one year,” said Detective David Evans.  “We are looking at other burglaries in the area and expect to link as many as 50 of them to Pakin.  He was a very busy cat burglar.”
The District Attorney’s Office filed one count of first degree burglary, one count of attempted first degree burglary, and one count of grand theft, related to a 2004 Hollywood burglary.  Pakin was also charged with being a felon in possession of a gun.
Pakin lived in the Wilshire area, not far from the area he victimized.