Unsolved Homicides – Detectives Seek Help

November 28, 2005

News conference to renew interest and ask public’s help in identifying suspects in 8 unsolved Los Angeles homicides over the last 6 years.
Tuesday, November 29, 2005
10:00 AM
Southwest Police Station (LAPD)
Front entrance
1546 W. Martin Luther Boulevard
Captain James Craig, Southwest Police
Detective Don Richards, Southwest Homicide
Family members of victims killed, as well as one surviving victim
List of homicide victims:

DR 05-03-05119. Victim Edgar Chavez.  Male, Hispanic, 29 years of age.
DR 05-03-19121. Victim Mario Donaldson. Male, Black, 38 years of age.
DR 03-03-00991. Victim Michael Sapp. Male, Black, 47 years of age.
DR 03-03-18448. Joi Douglas. Female, Black, 22 years of age.
DR 01-03-12702. Frank Perry. Male, Black, 22 years of age.
DR 99-03-32111. Fernando Melendez. Male, Hispanic, 20 years of age.
DR 03-03-12733. Devron Lewis. Male, Black, 28 years of age.
DR 05-03-19136. Fisher Ford. Male, Black, 56 years of age.
(Surviving victim. He was shot shortly after Mario Donaldson was shot and killed.  Detectives believe that the same suspects are involved.)

Note: first two numbers of DR number indicate year of homicide.

A press kit will be distributed, listing a summary of each homicide. 
Photos of victims will be displayed at the news conference.