Update on Department Accomplishments

January 9, 2002

Chief of Police Bernard C. Parks and The Los Angeles Police Department.

Press Conference to provide an update on Department accomplishments.

Thursday, January 10, 2002
4:00 P.M.

In front of the Parker Administration Building
150 N. Los Angeles Street
Los Angeles

Among Other Things, Highlight the Positive Accomplishments of the Men and Women of the Los Angeles Police Department Over the Last Four Years; Issuance of the Department’s Four-Year Report Which Provides an Update on Department Goals, While Providing Future Strategies for Continued Success.

Los Angeles: On August 12, 1997, veteran Los Angeles Police Officer, Chief of Police, Bernard C. Parks, assumed the reins as LA’s Top Cop. Vowing to make Los Angeles the “safest big city” in the Nation, Chief Parks embarked on a comprehensive strategic program aimed at improving the strengths of the Department, while identifying and correcting its weaknesses.

In the four calendar years marking the period of 1997 to 2000 and the first half of year 2001, with Chief parks at the helm, the Los Angeles Police Department has made tremendous strides in significant key areas of public safety. These accomplishments have been made in spite of adversities (e.g., Rampart Corruption Scandal) that have faced us as a Department; in spite of adversities that have faced us as a nation (e.g., September 11th Terrorist Attack).

Those significant accomplishments by the LAPD, over the period marking Year 1997 through Year 2000, include a significant reduction in violent and Part I crimes, formation of partnerships to enhance the quality of lives of our City’s children, creating an atmosphere to make ALL employees accountable for their actions, development of a systematic, proactive approach aimed at reducing adverse consequences associated with organizational operations (Risk Management), and the near one hundred percent implementation of the Christopher Commission recommendations, Los Angeles Chief of Police Bernard C. Parks stated, “While there is much work to be done in the years to come, I am very proud of the hard work by the men and women of the LAPD whose efforts have made our aggressive goals a reality. I am also thankful to the people of the Los Angeles community for their perennial support of this Department. Our success, as an organization, lies in the community’s support.”

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