US Marshals Apprehension Task Force Arrests NR22324rc

November 6, 2022

Los Angeles: At the end of the third quarter 2022, a total of 329 homicides were committed in City of Los Angeles.

To combat this rise, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) turned to one of the most effective strategies, which has always been the mission of the US Marshals and the LAPD’s Gang and Narcotics Division (GND): the identification and apprehension of those responsible for these heinous crimes. This strategy requires the highest level of investigative skills, clandestine surveillance, teamwork and tactics.

The US Marshals Apprehension Task Force (USMATF) has made a total of 276 felony arrest of violent criminals.

• 100 Murder
• 52 Attempt murder
• 44 Robbery
• 43 Rape/child molest

The USMATF has distinguished itself s by going above and beyond to make the City safer for all. The loss of life and other crimes prevented by the removal of these violent criminals off the streets of Los Angeles has undoubtedly made our community safer.

In addition, USMATF conducted 288 surveillance operations, served 157 search/arrest warrants and recovered 121 firearms.

Each of the murder suspect arrested are facing a possible sentence of life in prison. Due to professionalism and superior tactics there were no Categorical Use of Force and one Non-Categorical Use of Force.

The success of this unit speaks volumes of the training, experience, expertise, discipline and superior tactics of its members.

This is another example of professionalism and relentless pursuit of those who have criminally taken the lives of other human beings. The arrest brings closure to the victim’s friends and family members. It also reassures the community that these suspects will be brought to justice.