Valet Permits In Los Angeles Mandatory on February 1, 2014

December 17, 2013

Los Angeles: Beginning on
February 1, 2014, Los Angeles Police Commission Investigators will
enforce the new valet ordinance. It is imperative that all valet
companies that operate within the City of Los Angeles obtain all
necessary Police Commission Permits. Unpermitted businesses may be
subject to the following: citation, arrest, or criminal charges
filed with the City Attorney and civil sanctions of up to $2,500
per violation per day.

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On November 14, 2013 the Los Angeles City Council enacted a new
valet ordinance, Sections 103.203 (b) and 103.203.1 (b) of the Los
Angeles Municipal Code. Over the past two months Police Commission
staff conducted several community outreach meetings to advise
business owners of the new ordinance. Additionally, Police
Commission Permit Processing Section conducted permit application
classes for dozens of valet companies.

Business owners interested in applying for a valet permit may
contact the Police Commission Permit Processing Section at (213)
996-1210. Members of the public can report violations or
complaints pertaining to valet companies by calling the valet
hotline at (323) 929-2568.