Van Nuys Civic Center Complex Rules for Community and Expressive Events NR11509rh

October 31, 2011

Los Angeles: Occupy San Fernando Valley or any expressive events held in the Van Nuys Civic Center Complex have to abide by event rules.

The Civic Center Mall and City Hall Steps are opened from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. and closed from7 p.m. to 6 a.m. daily. The general property rules are the following: No trespassing during the hours of closure, no injury to public property, no writing, no painting, no affixing signs or projections on to public property or other materials to trees or other landscaping. There shall be no stages, generators or other equipment, no tents, no camping, no open flames, no cooking, no blocking pathways, no blocking fire lanes, no blocking ingress or egress to buildings, no sunshades affixed to or into the ground or stakes. Also no canopies/ umbrellas used for shade purposes must be open on all sides. No events may extend into tree or landscaped areas including lawn, no dumping and violate no law.

An event organizer scheduling an event must know the following event rules:  All community events and any expressive event with attendance of more than 100 people must be scheduled through City of Los Angeles, General Services Department at 213-928-9589. No event may interfere with a pre-scheduled event and organizers must follow the Reservation Procedure for Community and Expressive events and agree to abide by GSD property rules.  Event organizers must contact the following offices: General Services Department, Office of Public Safety at 213-473-9726, Los Angeles Fire Department Public Assemblage Unit at 818-374-1110 and Los Angeles Police Department Special Events Unit (If use of street) at 213-486-0640.  Event organizers may be required to move to alternate sites at the Civic Center to accommodate pre-scheduled events.

Areas that may be used during an expressive event are the north and south steps, Van Nuys city Hall building.  If there are more than 300 people they can use the north and south steps to Van Nuys Civic Center Mall.  For general community events they can use Van Nuys Civic Center mall. No event may interfere with maintenance of buildings, monuments, stairs, and hardscape.  Also no event may interfere with landscaping and maintenance of green space.

Any attendee at an event who fails to abide by these rules will be subject to removal from the property and any event that fails to abide by these rules will be canceled and attendees will be subject to removal from the property.

For further information contact, Media Relations at 213-486-5910.