Van Nuys Officers Assisted with Complicated Childbirth

November 6, 1998

Friday, November 6, 1998
On November 6, 1998, at approximately 5:30 a.m., Officers Kosal Bun and Paul Lopez, assisted in an emergency childbirth on Carmina Perez, 34 years of age.

The two officers were conducting a pedestrian stop at Community Street and Kester Avenue, when a van driven by Andrew Greene, 36 years, pulled up and informed the officers that his wife, Carmina, was having a baby. The two officers noted that Carmina Perez was experiencing blood discharge. Officer Lopez went to a nearby residence and obtained clean towels while Officer Bun prepared and comforted Perez.

As the baby emerged, Officer Bun pulled the umbilical cord that was wrapped around the baby’s neck. When the baby was out, Officer Bun then tapped on the back of the baby girl and she cried. He then placed her on Perez’ stomach. Paramedics arrived and transported mother and daughter to Valley Presbyterian Hospital.

The baby, approximately weighed 8 lbs and the mother are doing fine.

Notifications were made to Captain Kyle Jackson, Commanding Officer, Van Nuys Area Operations-Support Division, (818) 756-8371 and Media Relation Section, (213) 485-3586.

For Release 10:45 am PST
November 6, 1998