Victim Escapes Attempt Murder

April 15, 1999

Thursday, April 15, 1999

Rampart Homicide Detectives are investigating the attempt murder of victim Manuel Jesus Huizar and the assault with a deadly weapon with a vehicle of victim Jorge Bolano.

On April 14, 1999 at approximately 3:00 P.M., victim Manuel Jesus Huizar, was followed by the suspect Jose Saldivar from a gas station located in the LAX area. Huizar drove to the Rampart Area where he stopped for a red tri-light at Venice Boulevard and Normandie Avenue. The suspect rear-ended the victim’s car, causing the victim to collide with another vehicle. When the suspect pointed a handgun at Huizar, he attempted to flee from the suspect in his vehicle. The suspect pursued Huizar for several miles and shot at him numerous times during the pursuit. The suspect was possibly involved in two separate traffic collisions with other vehicles while following the Huizar’s vehicle. At Beverly Boulevard and New Hampshire Avenue, the suspect rammed Huizar’s vehicle, causing him to spinout and strike a pedestrian later identified as Jorge Bolano. Victim Huizar exited his vehicle and fled on foot to an apartment building and requested police assistance.

The pedestrian, Jorge Bolano was transported by the Los Angeles Fire Department Rescue Ambulance to U.S.C. Medical Center where he is being treated for a fractured left clavicle, two broken right ribs and a dislocated right shoulder.

Rampart Area officers later took the suspect into custody at the scene. The victim has identified the suspect.

For Release 3:15 p.m. PDT
April 15, 1999