VIN Etching and Template Marking Event NA23070mp

June 6, 2023

News conference to showcase updated etching technology and discuss anti-theft strategies.

Thursday, June 8, 2023
10:00 a.m.

Eagle Rock Plaza
2828 Colorado Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90041
Lower level parking lot, next to Macy’s side entrance

Councilmember Kevin de Leon, Council District 14
Captain Gary Walters, Commanding Officer Northeast Division
LAPD Northeast Division Auto Detectives

This Press Conference will feature the newly acquired Insta-Etch marking device that was obtained with grant funds. This marking device represents the state of the art for etching VIN numbers as it is hand-held, portable and Bluetooth enabled.

In addition, LAPD will highlight the use of “Marked by LAPD” templates that are intended to act as a high visibility deterrent to prevent catalytic converter theft. Detectives use high temperature spray paint to mark catalytic converters. Marking catalytic converters will assist investigators to identify stolen catalytic converters if found in the possession of thieves or at a metal recycling center.

A static display will also be on hand for anti-theft devices, to include catalytic shields and catalytic cable cages, the most common tools used by catalytic converter thieves, and effective car alarms to combat catalytic converter theft.

Interested residents and business owners can call 323-561-3259 to book an appointment, which are going fast. Ask for Officer Martinez regarding availability.

Detective Ventura will be on hand to answer questions regarding catalytic converter thefts and best strategies to protect car owners from being victimized.

Detective Michael Ventura at 323-561-3257.