Violent and Nude Suspect Resists Officers

April 10, 2007

Los Angeles: A Rampart Area officer fractured an arm during a struggle with a violent man.

On April 9, 2007, at about 5:30 AM, Rampart Area officers responded to a report of a mentally disturbed man who had threatened a woman in the 2700 block of Hyans Street in WestLake. Upon arrival, the suspect, later identified as Jaime Parra, wearing only a towel, was observed in front of 2728 Hyans Street. The officers approached Parra and ordered him to get his hands up. Parra failed to comply and charged the officers. A TASER, front kick, and baton strikes were used in an effort to repel the suspect without success. Parra, now nude, ran to Occidental and Hyans Street pursued by the officers. Parra turned to confront the officers again, but ultimately was taken into custody.

Parra was taken to Los Angeles County USC Medical Center where he was treated and admitted for a possible fractured right arm.

Involved officers are Jose Sanchez, 33, 8 years with the Department; Matthew Vocke, 30, 4 years with the Department; James Tomeo, 35, 11 years with the Department, and Moses Trejo, 22, 1 year with the Department.

Officer Vocke sustained a fracture to his right arm during the initial confrontation with Parra.

Force Investigation Division personnel responded and are investigating the Categorical Use of Force. Robbery-Homicide Division personnel assumed investigative responsibility for the crime committed against the officer.