Violent Struggle with Suspect Leads to Suspect’s Injury & Arrest

October 29, 2007

Los Angeles: A suspect and two officers were injured early Sunday morning when the suspect fought with officers as they attempted to arrest him.

On Sunday, October 28, 2007, at 1:35 a.m., 77th Area patrol officers Ernest Sparkman and Stefanie Fryer responded to a radio call in the 5300 block of South 6th Avenue. When the officers arrived, the suspect was already gone.

The female victim was an acquaintance of the suspect. She identified him as, Donald Cadel, a nude, Black man. Sparkman and Fryer searched the area and located a suspect matching that description, on 54th Street, east of 7th Avenue. As the officers attempted to take Cadel into custody he began fighting with the officers.

Sparkman and Fryer put out an assistance call, on their hand held police radios, and police officers Jonathan Kincaid and Diana Danley responded to the request. Cadel continued to resist arrest and fought aggressively with the officers. The officers utilized verbalization, pepper spray, baton strikes, the taser, and finally the bean bag shotgun.

While Officer Danely fired several beanbag rounds, striking Cadel in the body with little effect, one round inadvertently struck Cadel in the face. Cadel was then taken into custody without further incident.

Cadel was transported to a local hospital where he was admitted and underwent surgery for an injury to his left eye. Two of the officers received minor injuries, one required medical treatment, the other refused treatment. Both officers were returned to full duty.

Cadel was arrested and booked for Attempt Murder-187 PC. Various other charges are pending, including Battery on a Police Officer.

Force Investigation Division personnel are investigating this incident.