West Traffic Division Pedestrian Enforcement Task Force Press Conference NA19037sr

April 3, 2019

WHAT: Press Conference

WHEN: Thursday, April 4, 2019 6:15 a.m.

WHERE: Los Angeles Police Department Operations-West Bureau-Community Room 4849 Venice Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90019

WHO: LAPD Captain II Elaine Morales, Commanding Officer, West Traffic Division LAPD Sergeant I Danny Eun, West Traffic Division LAPD Captain III Patricia Sandoval, Area Commanding Officer, Olympic Area

WHY: In light of Vision Zero, the operation will be conducted in an effort to promote pedestrian safety through education and enforcement of the rules of the road as it pertains to pedestrian violations. The goals of this operation will be to change dangerous pedestrian behaviors in marked and unmarked crosswalks and behaviors near intersections, to reduce injury(s) and death. West Traffic Division motorcycle officers will be monitoring high volume intersections in Olympic Division, to look for distracted pedestrians, the officers will also stop and cite pedestrians that do not enter the crosswalk legally or in an unsafe manner. Collectively as a group we have the responsibility for the safety of all who traverse the roadways. In 2018, West Traffic Division reported 30 total fatalities, 21 involved pedestrians, 11 of the pedestrians were at fault. 2019, year-to-date, West Traffic Division has 13 reported fatalities, 10 involved pedestrians, 8 of the pedestrians were at fault, 4 occurred in Olympic Division.

DISPLAY: Pedestrian Violations/Map of intersections of Olympic Division 2019 Fatalities

CONTACT: If you have any questions feel free to call Media Relations at 213-486-5910.