WLA Stolen Vehicle

September 24, 1998

SEPTEMBER 24, 1998

On September 24, 1998, Dr. Bernard Lewinsky, father of Monica Lewinsky, telephoned the Los Angeles Police Department’s West Los Angeles Area and reported his van (gray dodge/caravan) had been stolen.

A West Los Angeles patrol unit responded to the Lewinsky’s residence and completed a Stolen Vehicle report.

At approximately 6:30 a.m., units equipped with Lojack received an activation in the area of Westwood Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard.

Patrol Units responded to the location along with other West Los Angeles patrol cars and subsequently located the stolen vehicle on Massachusetts Avenue at Malcolm Avenue.

The stolen vehicle was the Lewinsky’s van. Both the right door and ignition had been punched and damaged. There was no other damage to the van. The van had been abandoned at the location.

There were no arrests. The van was released to the owner pending a latent print investigation by Latent Print, Scientific Investigation Division.

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For Release 1:00 pm PST
September 24, 1998