Woman, Child and Three Pooches Saved By Fearless Cops

April 4, 2001

"Woman, Child and 3 Pooches Saved by Fearless Cops"

Los Angeles – On Wednesday, April 4, 2001, at approximately 3:30 a.m., a newspaper delivery man flagged down two West Los Angeles Community Police Station patrol officers and told them that a house appeared to be on fire on the 300 block of Arno Way in Pacific Palisades. Officers Michael Pauley (#31133) and Bill Heider (#27213) responded to 387 Arno Way and found that indeed the residence at the location was smoking and emitting flames. The flames began to engulf the home and it did not appear that occupants or neighbors were yet aware of the impending danger. The officers decided to enter the house to make sure nobody was inside and in need of assistance. After summoning City of Los Angeles Firefighters for emergency assistance, Officers Pauley and Heider bravely faced the flames and entered the home.
Inside the smoldering home, Officer Pauley screamed from room to room trying to locate any potential victims. Officer Pauley then encountered a female Hispanic in her 40’s who became hysterical upon realizing what was happening. Officer Pauley asked "Is there anyone else in the house?" The woman responded that a 7 year-old Caucasian girl was sleeping in a back bedroom and was still in her room. Officer Pauley woke the young girl and raced outside the burning living room to safety, holding the woman and young girl by the hand.
As the group ran from the flames and smoke, the officers heard the sound of barking dogs coming from the garage area. Officers Pauley and Heider ran to their rescue and opened the garage door to let the dogs out. As the dogs ran to safety, Officer Pauley became overwhelmed by the smoke.
After securing everyone’s safety, Officer Pauley was taken to Santa Monica Hospital where he was treated for smoke inhalation. The officers, victims and pets are all doing well.
This is but another example of how Los Angeles Police Department police officers risk their lives on a daily basis. Officer Heider is a new father and has a one-month-old baby at home. Officer Pauley’s father and brother are also firefighters. Officer Pauley stated, "I am proud to be a Los Angeles Police Officer, and although the Department is going through a rough time, I love my work and am glad to do my job."
This Press release was prepared by Officer Guillermo Campos, Media Relations Section, 213-485-3586.