Correction to Woman Wanted in Infant’s Abduction

May 23, 2006

Los Angeles: The woman of interest, named and pictured this morning, in the abduction of 6-week-old Devon Calloway, was eliminated this afternoon as a suspect after the child’s mother saw her in person.

Annette Betts Bryant came to Newton Police Station this afternoon after she saw her picture on television.

“Ms. Bryant was very forthright with us,” said LAPD Captain Bill Murphy. “When Devon’s mother saw Ms. Bryant in person, she realized she was not the same woman who had taken her baby. We apologize for any misunderstanding, embarrassment, or inconvenience, and we thank Ms. Bryant for her understanding.”

According to detectives, the infant’s mother, Dominique Calloway, picked Annette Betts Bryant’s picture out of a photo array. The woman’s likeness, description, age, even state of birth was the same as that of another Annette Bryant, who remains wanted by police.

An unnamed tipster provided more information to police, which helped them narrow the search to the correct suspects. This second source confirmed the name of Sylvia Nunn as well as Annette Bryant, 43. Detectives are searching for a photograph of this Annette Bryant.

A photograph of Annette Bryant and Sylvia Nunn will be released as soon as detectives are able to retrieve the photos.

Locating the child and returning him to his family remains the LAPD’s first priority.

Anyone with information regarding the child’s whereabouts or the women is urged to call Detective Maria Rivas at 323-846-6576 or the watch commander at 323-846-6547. On weekends and during off-hours, call the 24-hour toll free number at 1-877-LAWFULL (529-3855).

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