Missing 6-week-old Baby, Possibly Kidnapped

May 22, 2006

Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Police Department and the missing child’s 17-year-old mother are asking the public’s help in locating her infant son and the two women who took the baby this afternoon from the 100 block of West 42nd Street.

“This case is a little out of the ordinary,” said lead detective Maria Rivas, who is assigned to the Newton Street Police Station. “We are handling this case as a kidnapping, but our initial hope is the child is not in any immediate danger. We’d like either of the two women involved, or anyone who recognizes their description, to call the police and return the child immediately.”

The young mother, Dominique Calloway, was approached last Saturday by two women at a 99-cent Store. They offered her $6,000 for her newborn child, named Devon Calloway. One of the women showed Dominique the cash. Dominique considered the offer over the weekend, but made no commitment.

Dominique saw the women driving in their late-model, black Ford Explorer in the neighborhood yesterday, but she did not talk to them. They returned again today, a little before 2 PM, and Dominique told them she had changed her mind about selling the child. The passenger asked to see the child one more time. When Dominique handed her the baby, the two women drove away, dragging Dominique as she held onto the side of the truck.

Detectives are hoping that anyone who recognizes the women’s descriptions will call police. Both women are Black. The driver was wearing a black tank top. She has dark skin and crooked teeth. Her hair is styled in a straight weave. Dominique saw the woman’s driver’s license and remembered the last name of Williams and that the woman was 43 years old.

The passenger was in her early thirties and was wearing a black, short-sleeve T-shirt and a black scarf on head.

Devon Calloway was born at California Hospital on April 15, 2006. He is Black and has a dark-brown birthmark on his right leg and a white spot on his forehead. He was last seen wearing a red shirt with little-car illustrations and red shorts.

Anyone with information regarding the child’s whereabouts or the women is urged to call Detective Maria Rivas at 323-846-6576 or the watch commander at 323-846-6547. On weekends and during off-hours, call the 24-hour toll free number at 1-877-LAWFULL (529-3855).

When a photograph is obtained, it will be E-mailed to media outlets.

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