“QUGV” Quadruped Unmanned Ground Vehicle NR23126lr

May 23, 2023

On May 23, 2023, the Los Angeles Police Department (Department) received City Council approval to move forward with the acquisition of the Quadruped Unmanned Ground Vehicle (QUGV). The QUGV robot is manufactured by Boston Dynamics, and it is a tool that will be utilized to enhance the Department’s public safety efforts. The QUGV robot is a versatile and agile robot that can navigate challenging terrain and perform a variety of tasks.

The QUGV robot will only be deployed in a limited number of scenarios such as incidents involving active shooters, assessment of explosives, hostage situations, natural disasters, hazardous material assessments, search and rescue missions, and barricaded suspects.

The QUGV shall not be equipped with any weapon systems including any non-lethal or less-lethal weapon technology, shall not be equipped with or use any facial recognition software or analysis capabilities, and the QUGV shall not be used for routine patrol duties or covert surveillance operations.

The QUGV uses secured radio frequencies, does not transmit to third parties, and is encrypted to prevent interception. All digital evidence (photographs, video, or audio) captured by the QUGV’s cameras during deployment shall be recorded and archived in accordance with current Department policy.

The Los Angeles Police Department is the latest law enforcement agency to acquire the QUGV robot, joining other police agencies across the country. The robot has also been used in a variety of other applications, including construction, oil and gas, and entertainment industries. The Department plans to begin using the QUGV robot in the coming months, following training and testing. We will continue to explore new technologies and tools to enhance public safety efforts and better serve our communities.

“I am appreciative of the approval today by the majority of the City Council in accepting the donation of the Los Angeles Police Foundation in acquiring this state-of-the-art mechanical robot. This technology will allow us to better protect our officers and the community allowing us to use modern technology to deescalate dangerous situations.” said Chief Moore.

Further inquiries will be addressed by Deputy Chief David J. Kowalski, Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau. For more information, please contact the Media Relations Division at (213) 486-5910.