Metropolitan Division

2710 West Temple
Los Angeles, CA 90026

The Metropolitan Division (Metro) of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) was created in 1933 as a compact, mobile crime-fighting unit that worked throughout the City to suppress criminal activity.

Today, the primary responsibility of Metro is to provide support to the Department’s community-based policing efforts by enhancing community outreach efforts, providing advanced level of in-service training, providing support to Area and specialized detectives locating known, violent criminals, providing resources for warrant services, and the apprehension of fugitives throughout the City. Other assignments range from high-risk barricaded situations, stakeouts, dignitary (VIP) security, warrant service, training Department personnel in tactics and firearms along with assisting investigators in solving major crimes.

Mission Statement

The mission of Metropolitan Division is to support the Department’s community-based policing efforts to reduce the incidence and the fear of crime on a Citywide basis. This is accomplished by developing and deploying a reserve force of the most highly trained and disciplined personnel possible.

The effectiveness of the Department’s incident commanders in realizing the long-term goals of the Department is enhanced by Metropolitan Division’s controlled application of specialized tactics/equipment and the ongoing training and leadership provided by Metropolitan Division to the Department.