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Valley Bureau Homicide


Operations-Valley Bureau Homicide was established in December of 2015. Prior to this date, each geographical Valley Bureau Division had their own homicide unit. The forming of Valley Bureau Homicide was created to bring all homicide detectives together in one unit so that they could share information with one another on homicide investigations. Homicide investigations quite frequently cross over into adjacent divisions and often lead to additional crimes.

By forming one homicide unit for the San Fernando Valley, detectives now have a wealth of more resources and knowledge of surrounding areas that have assisted them in achieving a higher solvability rate.

Valley Bureau homicide consists of four squads. Three squads work active homicide investigations while the fourth squad works cold-unsolved cases along with the handling of all undetermined deaths, suicides and drug overdoses. There are currently twenty-seven detectives assigned to the unit along with one lieutenant who is the Officer-In-Charge.

The primary goal of Valley Bureau Homicide is to investigate all homicides and non-natural deaths that occur in the San Fernando Valley and provide justice and closure for the victim’s family.

Valley Bureau Homicide serves a population of approximately 1,426,071 residents encompassed in a 226 square mile area. A total of seven geographical area divisional police stations serve the San Fernando Valley to include; Devonshire Division, Foothill Division, Mission Division, North Hollywood Division, Topanga Division, Van Nuys Division, and West Valley Division.

Valley Bureau Homicide regularly works in partnerships with multiple law enforcement agencies to include the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), United States Marshall Service and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) whenever additional resources are needed to help investigate, apprehend and solve cases as needed.

A “Homicide” is defined as “the killing of one human being by another human being.” A homicide is not always a criminal act. In some cases, it may be justifiable or excusable. Homicide and murder are not the same. All murders are homicides, but not all homicides are murder.

If you have any information regarding a homicide or suspicious death, please contact us at Operations-Valley Bureau Homicide. (818) 374-9550.

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